How to book a Jive Band

Jive music is a perfect choice to add life to your special event. With a high energy jive vibes that you can play at your wedding reception, private party or business event, you can guarantee that everyone enjoys the party or entices their movements on the dance floor.

Renting a tire would be a breeze if you know exactly what you need, where and where to look. To help you with this, here is a short checklist when booking a Jive Band:

Define your needs
How many guests do you expect to attend that event? Where will the location be? How much is your budget? These are just some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before you start searching. Know what you want from the band. The expected number of people also affects the size of the band you need. For example, a 6-part or 8-piece Jive Band would be an ideal choice if you are expecting more than a hundred people in the audience.

Do your research
Spend the time to get acquainted with the market
Ask your friends or business partners for advice
Search the Internet for possible options
Ask the manager of the event location for the best recommendations
Consider hiring a booking agent
Request quotes and know what's in the package

Quality control
Make sure you get the quality level you need. Most professional bands deliver audio clips or videos from their previous performances. Ask the band where you can listen or watch their example performances. Yet there is no substitute for a direct experience of the Jive Band performance live during an event. So, if possible, try to find time to see a live performance and get a sense of their overall quality and how they interact with the crowd.

Prepare a contract
If you have chosen the Jive Band, book them early and have them sign a contract. It is a very important factor when booking a tire. It must contain the following elements:
People involved in the contract
Specific details of the event
Payment conditions
Production details
Technical requirements
End time
Requirements for meals and drinks
Cancellation conditions

Important things to remember before the event

You have to go through everything at least two weeks before the big day. Here are the things to keep in mind:
Contact the band to reconfirm the exact location address
Make sure you have the contact name or mobile number of the band
Confirm with the bandleader or representative completing the configuration time, designated dressing room area, hot meals or drinks
Make sure you follow up your repertoire requests

I hope that this brief guide to booking a Jive Band can help you find the right choice for your special event. If in doubt, look back and consult this guide again. Good luck and enjoy the day!

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