The essential things that make a family-friendly ski resort

If you want to prepare a ski holiday with the family this winter, make sure you have done your research and book a resort that is family-friendly.

There are a number of basic principles that make up a family-friendly resort and here we offer beginners and advanced guides a guide to what to look out for before they go skiing or snowboarding.

Ski resorts

Before you book your ski or snowboard holiday for this season, you should look at the different types of slopes of the resorts.

The best resorts have a good variety of ski resorts with black runs for expert skiers, blue runs for beginners and the more challenging red runs for the average skiers available.

Some of the best resorts have all three types of pistes, such as Alpe d & # 39; Huez and Saas Fee.


If you are going on a winter sports holiday with children who have never skied before or someone who is a beginner, you should go to the ski schools in ski resorts.

Most resorts offer group and private lessons to skiers of all ages and have special areas for children and families to learn the routes for skiing or snowboarding.

Another point to watch out for is that the resort where you are going this winter has day care for the younger members of the family.


What is on the slopes is just as important as the offer on the slopes.

All the best European ski resorts offer a variety of entertainment for the whole family and even have activities to keep the younger members of families busy. This can include cinemas, bowling and restaurants and bars.

Another important aspect of the offpiste to watch is the accommodation that is available. Most resorts will offer excellent family ski chalets that will feel like home away from home, but you should also look out for last-minute offers that are offered.

View the ski conditions

Probably the most important aspect of a ski holiday are the ski conditions. So if you have not booked your winter flight, you should check the snow forecast for the coming winter season.

A number of resorts in Europe have already had early snowfall this year and some resorts in Switzerland and France have even unexpectedly opened ski lifts this month.

After the record season for snow in Europe last season, the early heavy snow suggests that this season could be even better.

Summer in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a great place to enjoy all year round, but in the summer it has so much to offer that you can not imagine it. One of the lesser known activities for tourists is the Santo Domingo International Book Fair which takes place in May. This book fair is ideal for bookworms who like to meet national and international authors while browsing the latest bestsellers on offer. This book fair can be found at Plaza de la Cultura, Juan Pablo Duarte, and advance booking is advised.

If you fancy something more traditional when it comes to taking a vacation in the Dominican Republic, why not a place to dive? The beautiful warm water makes this place the perfect dive location in the summer. Want to snorkel? You can also try it, take the whole family with you and enjoy the fun.

The Turtle Dive Center is an incredible experience for everyone and you can snorkel all day and learn about the beautiful marine life that the Dominicaner calls home. For a memorable experience book a spot in the center today, you will not regret it! There are 12 dive sites that you can choose from and you will encounter them after 10 minutes by boat. You will see so many underwater creatures, from lionfish to sea fans, fish, sponges and much more. There is even an old sunken fishing boat to explore while you are diving that 3 big lionfish call their home.

There are so many underwater activities for you to enjoy in the Dominican Republic in the summer and when the sun is collapsing, one of the best ways to cool off is to take a dip between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic. Ocean. It does not matter if you've never dived before; you can experience the ultimate pleasure of seeing fish, corals and much more when you dive into the warm waters. Up to 4 people can dive at the same time, so book ahead and look forward to your dive of your life!

While you think about what you want to do during your vacation, why not start booking now? Take a look at the flights offered in Dominican Republic and see if you can get a bargain yourself before your holiday starts.

What you need to plan, pack and expect for your first holiday in the ski resort

Normally, in your winter plans you can take long lines to the airport that go to someone's parents, perhaps to defy the elements and drive to your holiday destination. This year is different, and you have decided to recharge your batteries with your first ski vacation.

The clear air, rustic surroundings, inhabitants of the city on the salt of the earth, and the novelty of the whole experience are something to look forward to, but this is the first time you go in this direction, so the question is – how do I prepare for all this?

It is not necessary to worry. As with any holiday, it takes a bit of time to plan the difference in the world. The key, however, is actually taking the time to do a little research on where you are going, where you will spend most of your time and eventually, what are you going to expect from your trip?

First, think in terms of the most vital items that you have to pack up. Medications that you or your family need must be high on your list. It would also not be a bad idea to have a copy of your doctor's prescriptions in case you would misplase your medicine and have to refill it again. This may seem a bit too specific, but travel experts around the world have many stories to tell about family holidays and romantic getaways that are shortened by a lack of necessary medication.

Then think of the necessary toiletries. These are the small things & # 39; which we usually forget when planning a trip, so take a moment to find out what you absolutely need and, depending on your mode of travel, what you need to reassess based on travel restrictions. Travel experts point out that if you feel that the extra hassle of packing these items is something to avoid, call the ski resort where you are staying and find out if they provide toiletries to their guests.

Of course, if you are traveling to a ski resort, you will undoubtedly travel to a colder environment with snow and mountainous terrain. While you are planning your clothes, remember to dress in layers. Of course it is important to protect yourself from the winter cold, especially if you decide to go skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, but what happens if you are off the slopes and hang around in the city? Not only does the change in altitude mean a change in temperature, but indoors it is usually nice and warm. Planning your clothes also means thinking about other plans you have for your trip. For example, if you decide to plan an evening of food and dancing while the children stay behind and watch a movie, you should think about how to pack your beautiful clothes with your thermals.

Finally, when it comes to equipment related to your skiing holiday, you should plan how this will affect your overall travel experience. Travel blogs and sources are littered with stories of travelers who were fond of the holiday, but would never travel again because of the amount of material that was worn on both sides. Here comes the personal test. Call the resort and ask if they rent equipment for guests. Sometimes they do that, and if they do not, they can lead you to the nearest and most reliable place to get what you need.

Your first holiday in the ski resort is one that must be epic and life-changing in nature. A decision to split and try something new will undoubtedly bring you joy and excitement and the desire to come back there as quickly as possible. With the right planning your first ski resort will not be your last.

London Hotels Deal – Best hotels in London

London is the capital of England and the most populous city in Europe. It is one of the most visited cities in the world. This fact is in part evident by the fact that there is the world's busiest airport & # 39; Heath Row & # 39; is.

Other iconic figures such as the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge, the Westminster Palace, the House of Parliament, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, the modern Swiss Re Tower and many more, all act as a magnet to attract tourists to to attract. city. London is also included in the list of cities with sub-surface markets. The city also organizes the 2012 Summer Olympics, which are expected to attract many more people to the city.

With so many tourists coming to London, the city has developed a large hotel company.

Hotel in London offers a wide range of accommodations; from cheap stays to luxury hotels. As a major tourist destination there is a lot of competition in the hotel industry. Every year, numerous hotels offer a range of packages to lure customers to use their services. They bring out many cheap deals because everyone who comes to town does not have to spend a large sum of money on their accommodation. The cost of hotel rooms varies from about £ 40 (one room) to about. £ 150. The hotels offering such discount percentages in October are Russ Hill Hotel, Central Park, King Solomon, etc. Hotel deals in London meet their low prices.

Apart from hotel services, one can use the B & B (hosted flats, a concept driven by those who stay at home) to live in London. They are even cheaper than other cheap hotels in London. The people who offer such services are polite and open to tourists because they are willing to make money easily. With the passage of time, they have learned that in order to attract customers from hotels, they have to give them something extra, something that everyone desires, that is, to save money. Reservation in such houses is provided by London Homestead Service, Happy Homes, At Home in London and much more.

How to find cheap hotel deals using Hotel price comparison websites

You are excited. You have finally decided that your money will allow you and your family to go somewhere. The destination has been determined and it seems the perfect time to start planning for the trip. One of the steps that must be taken when planning a trip is to book the hotel room at the destination of your choice. It makes sense to save as much money as possible because travel can be very expensive and does not want to save a dollar that can be used for things that are more fun? This is where hotel price comparison websites can be valuable to you and save you a lot of time when planning your trip.

Advantages of Hotel Price Comparison Websites

Hotel price comparison websites are not difficult to use at all. All you have to do is have a few information about your trip at hand and you can get rates for hotels anywhere. You will find rates for the big names and also smaller hotels of which you have or have not heard. On the whole, the more results you have, the better you get, because everything is analyzed and viewed instead of a few big choices.

Information needed to get the best deal

First you need to know the city you are looking for when you want to choose your hotel. The location is the most important piece of information that you need. If you get rates that do not seem very attractive, especially when it comes to cities that are popular for tourism, you might want to try nearby cities if you do not mind traveling to your destination. This way you can save a few hundred dollars during your stay.

Then help the dates you want to check in and out to determine your rate. Many hotels give different rates depending on the days you stay. Off-season rates are generally cheaper and check-in during the week instead of during the weekend is another way to save some money if you are flexible when it comes to travel dates. The last piece of information that affects the price you receive is the number of rooms you need and the number of guests traveling. You can get a discount for booking multiple rooms in some of the hotels being searched.

Characteristics of hotel price comparison websites

When choosing the hotel price comparison website you want to use, you may want to make sure there are a number of different ways to search. Flexibility here can make finding the perfect hotel a lot easier. Some websites offer you the possibility to search by city only, while you may also want to find rates for a particular hotel or hotel chain. The option to do this on a site is very valuable because it fits the needs of the consumer.

Hotel marketing made easy

Gone are the days to promote your hotel through magazines, guides and flyers. Nowadays the first place where a tourist goes before he makes hotel bookings is the internet. Over the last 5 years, the website has grown more than 73% and now internet bookings are booming. Recent reports suggest that travel today is the largest e-commerce category, followed closely by the sale of airline tickets, the online travel industry has earned 700 billion dollars in 2012. The number is growing exponentially because services from traditional travel agencies are quickly abandoned and canceled. It is clear that hotel marketing is now on the internet.

Identifying the need to use innovative approaches in their marketing strategies designed to attract the attention of potential customers, hotels today, resort to the promotion of hotel websites through internet marketing. It is absolutely essential that a hotel website is sufficiently competent to convert the number of visitors into bookings. The design, the layout, the structure, the content, etc. A website has a big influence on the conversion rate. Rich SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also part of this and enables a hotel to stand out on the very first page of reliable booking engines. A hotel website today allows customers to take a virtual tour of the hotel, read all available information, review guest reviews and reviews etc. Based on these factors, the consumer then chooses whether or not to make a booking. to make.

however, it is imperative that marketing tools for hotels are innovative, less complicated and easily accessible. Visual storytelling is the future of digital. A pleasant and attractive website with fascinating images of the hotel and its surroundings attracts the attention of the guest and also offers a competitive advantage for the hotel. Dissemination of information is another tool for hotel marketing. The website of the hotel should also be able to weave a story that informs guests about the various facilities and services that are offered. Special emphasis should be placed on the competitive advantage of the company towards others with the right frequently asked questions to obtain more customer satisfaction.

Recent reports suggest that if hotels do not offer themselves on social networks, they are likely to experience a 2% decrease in traffic each month and those that increase the number of views by 12% per month. If we set aside the statistics, the reason why a hotel's internet marketing strategy would contain effective social media is for the simple reason that this is where all guests are! About 1 in 13 people on the planet today use Facebook and half of them log in every day! A social hub, Facebook is where people connect, communicate and share opinions, opinions and reviews. This also includes a large number of travel information. Making sure your hotel is active on the social level is an important tool to claim new guests and to keep the old one.

Pleasant flight with KLM or its codeshare partners

KLM is the national airline and also one of the leading airlines in the world. The first plane, founded almost a century ago in 1919, flew in 1920 between its main hub in Amsterdam and London. From 1959, it began to buy jet aircraft and expand its network and services. The most important event in his operational history was perhaps his merger with Air France in September 2003. Even afterwards, it flies under his own flag and Amsterdam has been preserved as the basis. According to reports, in December 2014 it had a fleet of more than 110 aircraft and it had more than 30 on order. It serves approximately 130 destinations with two in the Netherlands and the rest outside. The courier has received numerous awards for his services, including travel lessons, entertainment facilities, meals during the flight and the hospitality of his staff. Passengers who make airline tickets from KLM airlines will certainly feel well on board because they regularly ask for feedback and make improvements on that basis.


Word Business, European Business, Economy Comfort and Economy Classes are offered by this airline based in Amsterdam. The highest seating option on long-distance routes is the World Business Class, which is available on Airbus A330, Boeing 777 and 747. In this category the seats are 170 degrees, but most of the newer models have been replaced by completely flat models. Older seats are equipped with 10-inch screens, while the newer versions have 17-inch systems. Passengers booking these slots also receive on-demand audio and video, head restraints for massage equipment and individual sockets. The Europa Zakelijk option is available at short distances and the cabins are amply divided, have sockets and touch screens. Similarly, Economy Comfort is offered on long haul flights, while standard Economy versions are offered on both long and short distance routes. Passengers in this class on long flights are equipped with LCD screens, charging ports and headphones.

Entertainment and dining

For all passengers of higher class, KLM offers more than 1000 hours of entertainment, such as films, TV shows, games, music and courses in selected foreign languages. Newspapers are also provided to travelers on board long flights. As soon as the flight reaches a height of more than 20000 feet, passengers can also connect their smartphones and laptops to free Wi-Fi internet connections. Those, flying World Business, get a three-course meal and those who use Europe Business receive one or three courses, depending on the flight duration. People traveling with the Economy Comfort option on long routes receive two meals and snacks. All alcohol on board is served, including the prices of the ticket and the dishes are inspired by different countries and regions & # 39; s.

Flying from India

India is an important country on the destination list of KLM and it offers regular flights to and from different Indian cities. Passengers can book flights to any international city traveling with them or with those with whom they share the codes. Searching for available flights between these two cities on the internet is a good idea, because online travel portals (OTPs) show all these combinations in one place. While pilots are looking for them, they can also search for the cheapest flight to India as and when they plan to make their return journey.

Finding hotels that are a home away from home

Marvin Gaye once sang: "Wherever I put my hat, that is my house". Well, it's easy enough for everyone to lay down their hat (or luggage) anywhere in the world, but you'll find yourself putting your hat down in a hotel that offers all the comforts and comforts of home for a much more enjoyable experience.

What makes A Hotel A Home

Where hotels, even the most luxurious hotels, can not offer your own pipe and slippers, you may be surprised at how homely even the most generic hotel chains can be. Forget the pipe, but fluffy tow bars and matching slippers may not be excluded.

Here are some things to look out for before you book a hotel at an unknown destination.

  • Location – When buying a home the first priority is always location, location, location. Although you do not buy your hotel room or apartment, it is still a top priority for your new home in the hotel. Being close to all the facilities and attractions you want, you can save a lot of time and money, but also be handy. By choosing hotels in the city center, you can even notice that everything you want to see and do is within walking distance. This avoids the costs and hassle of using taxis, public transport or rental cars. In most modern hotels, double glazing, insulation and sound insulation ensure that the noise of the city does not disturb your sleep.
  • Price – The beauty of booking your hotel online is quick and easy to find great hotel deals and compare prices for similar properties. After all, there is no point in blowing your budget to your hotel if you can not afford to leave it.
  • Recommendations – Look at the online community to see which hotels they rate positively before you book. If enough & # 39; friends & # 39; liked it and felt at home there, chances are you will do that too.
  • Hotel services & facilities – These can really make the difference between which hotels feel like home and which not:
  • Friendly staff – Welcoming employees can make the difference about how you feel about a hotel as soon as you step inside. If you experience a warm or icy welcome, write a review so that you can give heads-up or heads-down to other people. Check that the reception is manned 24/7 – great for safety and convenience.
  • Catering – Every decent hotel room should provide at least one basic tea or coffee facility, as nothing at home says you have a decent brewer whenever you want. However, many hotels also offer apartments or studios with kitchenettes that you can use to cook almost anything from the Sunday Roast to a fully cooked breakfast. If you do not cook at home and do not want to start when you are not at home, check whether your hotel has a restaurant on site and what opening times it has.
  • Internet – If you want to log in to the internet, make sure that your hotel offers high-speed internet access through the rooms or you can provide computers and guest access (preferably in a comfortable lounge).
  • Laundry – When the dirty laundry starts to pile up, it can be very depressing. Stay informed about your travel or business wardrobe by making sure that your hotel offers a laundry and ironing service.
  • Fitness – If you stay for a while, you are looking for a hotel that provides both body and soul. The best hotels offer guests free use of their own gyms, fitness centers or swimming pools.
  • Room service – If you want to take it easy, make sure that your hotel offers room service to deliver food and drinks to your door. To make your reservation at the hotel, you must check in to make a reservation.

Cheap hotels in Orlando near Universal

Universal Studios is a beautiful place with amusement parks, shows and sensations and there are many cheap hotels in Orlando near Universal Studios. If you've ever been on vacation to Orlando, you should definitely plan where you are staying, how long, how far away your hotel is from the theme parks, and calculate all sorts of costs and find ways to make a trip that's within your budget .

There are all kinds of travel destinations around the world. Some of them are thousands of years old, while others have only recently emerged. Whether you want to travel to discover the artifacts of ancient Rome or Bethlehem, or plan a return trip to Universal, especially if you have a cheap Orlando hotel near Universal, you can not only save costs, but also travel times shorten and spend more time seeing the shows and attractions that you want.

In the 1970s, Orlando was known in Florida as a farming village. However, when Walt Disney World arrived, it quickly became a hotspot for tourism that attracts millions of people every year to its friendly resorts and theme parks.

Finding cheap hotels in Orlando near Universal could lead to many believing that the closer you are to Universal Studios, the more expensive hotel prices will end. However, this is not the case if you know where to look.

Online search is an ideal place to start if you want to find great deals on cheap hotels in Orlando. Not only that, but you can also compare prices with other hotels in the area you are looking for, allowing you to decide where you are going. Before you decide which cheap hotel you want to pay, it's a good idea to think about the amenities, costs, quality, ratings, star rating, distance and transportation that is usually included in many hotels in popular resorts.

This gives you a general impression of a potential hotel that is available at a low price. Just because you pay for a cheap hotel does not mean that the quality of the hotel is bad. Your experience in Orlando should be one that leaves a lasting impression for good reasons. Therefore, you should take the time to find a hotel that is both affordable and of sufficient quality.

Nonetheless, if you want to book cheap Orlando hotels at Universal, it is wise to book your hotel two months in advance. It makes no sense to look for a deal, to think about it before you start looking for another deal that you might not find. If you find a deal that's worth it, take it and reserve your room. After you have made the booking, you can concentrate on another aspect of your vacation, including your clothes for the duration of your holiday.

Holiday homes versus hotels, what is better?

When planning a vacation, you can automatically consider taking your family (or just yourself) and going to a big hotel. With so much plane + hotel + car rental packages, it is easy to get sucked into that frame. And in the long run you can often get the best vacation deals by going that way. Yet there are other accommodation options that you might want to explore.

For example, holiday homes offer many amenities that most hotels do not have. Usually in the possession of ordinary people (renting a holiday home means helping a "mum and pop" company instead of a large hotel owned by a company), holiday homes tend to give you full kitchens and multiple bedrooms . They are available wherever you would like to stay. You can find condominiums or houses (with detached houses you get the ultimate privacy for your holiday) in every part of the world.

If you prefer to be surrounded by the noise, you can find holiday homes in the middle of the action (sometimes an apartment on the Las Vegas strip or a cabin with ski-in-ski convenience will gladly take you), but you can also rent find that meet peace and quiet. Many of these homes are far from the busy streets and roads where hotels dominate (instead of an apartment next to Vegas casino's, maybe you prefer a house a few blocks away with an enclosed garden and a private pool).

What about families who travel with pets? Is it more likely that a hotel or holiday home accommodates them? Well, I do not know anything about you, but I have not seen too many hotels that appreciate even well-behaved dogs rolling through their lobby (even on a leash). On the other hand, holiday accommodations are often the way to go for pet owners, because many will accept dogs and cats (with an additional down payment). Make sure you check the pet policy of the place in advance, as each owner determines his or her own rules.

The last thing I want to mention is the overall atmosphere of holiday homes versus hotels. At hotels (especially large chains) you get … almost the same, no matter which part of the world you visit. This may be good for people who do not like change, but if you want to stay somewhere that cultivates the culture of the environment, you will find it more often in a holiday home. Many owners stay in their homes for a few weeks a year, so the houses often feel like, well, houses. They are cozier and friendlier than the fury of most hotel rooms.

So that you think I have an agenda for promoting rentals over hotels (unfortunately, I do not own either), I have to admit that there are a number of disadvantages to holiday rentals. First of all, finding exactly the right place can involve more internet research than simply booking through a website that offers travel packages. Secondly, because holiday rentals are mostly private businesses, they can be contacted with service. Not all landlords have their own websites and it may take some time for the owners to contact you if they do not use a management company. Third, most holiday homes do not include cleaning. The promises will be clean when you arrive (in fact, cleaning costs will often be charged), but do not expect someone to come in and change your sheets every day. Finally, holiday homes are often more expensive than hotels. You usually get more square meters for your money (multiple bedrooms, full kitchen, separate living and dining rooms, etc.), but you pay for it. That is why rental is popular with families and friends who can share the costs.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages for both hotels and holiday rentals. I am also a big fan of rentals (among the other reasons I mentioned here, I like to support mother and pop companies rather than anonymous hotel chains), but each has its advantages depending on your preferences. Make sure you look around before you decide where to spend your vacation.