Rhodes Travel and city guide & useful information to know

Rhodes is the most beautiful of the Greek islands in one of the most lush and fertile countries of all Dodecanese. Rhodes can also be unique because it really has something special that everyone can enjoy. It is also the largest and known as the sunshine island and is rare to disappoint where the weather is and during the summer it is hot and dry, although during the winter months temperatures are mild they are not cold and it is the wettest time of the year . For a good balance between the two trips to Rhodes in April, May, September or October because it will not be too hot or too wet.

The cuisine on Rhodes is a variety of ethnic and traditional dishes from Greece, so if you enjoy a great feta salad, olives and freshly baked bread, you will enjoy some of the dishes available. As an island there is plenty to catch in the sea, so dishes like Kalamari (squid), Grouper, Octopus, Mussels and Psarosoupa (fish from the island) are all on the menu. There are also Spanakopita (spinach pies), Moussaka (layered meat and sauce), Yuvarlakia (meatballs in sauce) and many other delicious dishes to try. The traditional drink of the island is Ouzo, a popular alcoholic drink that is very strong, but not really necessary to enjoy the lively atmosphere and enjoyment to eat out in Rhodes.

This brings us in a good way to another Greek tradition of dancing and night life with two particularly lively places on Rhodes as Faliraki and Kavos for those who are looking for a great atmosphere and dance, but there is also enough relaxing nightlife to enjoy the warm summer evening in a secluded bar or restaurant. There are many more traditional Greek entertainment evenings with an opportunity to really experience Greek culture with music, food and dancing and probably a lot of Raki.

There are many places to shop from local shops in quiet villages to Lindos or the city of Rhodes where its stalls and shops focus on tourist trade with traditional Greek souvenirs such as pottery, ceramics, Raki, local honey, local wine and some leather goods. There are also many jewelery stores because the quality of the silver is very good.

A major attraction of the island of Rhodes is that it is home to the ruins of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes. A gigantic bronze statue once stood in the harbor of Lindos and was built in 280 BC but destroyed by an earthquake later that century. There is no trace of the statue ever found since the devastation in 224BC. There is Apollo's temple and an Acropolis to visit on the island of Rhodes, so you can see the ruins of an ancient culture. Although it can be difficult to travel around the island because there is only a very limited public transport available, many families in Rhodesia have more than one car and even motorcycles for the summer months when it attracts tourist traffic and the roads become busy.

Rhodes Airport: We offer low-cost shuttles and private transfers to many popular resorts in Rhodes, including Rhodes City, Faliraki and Lindos.

General information:

Electricity: 220V, 2-pin plugs

Main language (s): Greek.

International call numbers: UK to Greece use 00 30, Greece to use UK 00 40

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