Cheap London Hotel Deals with Travelodge

Guests and tourists who visit London often complain about the high prices of the shops, restaurants and hotels in the British capital.

If you book a room in a suitable location, you often eat the budget that you intended to set aside for shopping, nightlife or otherwise enjoyment. However, not everyone knows that you can make significant savings by choosing cheaper hotels in London that still maintain a consistent, consistent quality. One of these options is Travelodge – a fast-growing chain with hotels spread throughout the city.

Let's make one thing clear. Travelodge is probably not the best option if you want to indulge in luxury. If you like tasteful furniture and can not live without a hotel spa, look elsewhere. But if these are not essential and you just want a place to rest your weary head, Travelodge can prove to be your best bet. Staying at Travelodge can help you avoid spending a small fortune on the nights of your stay, so that you can reinvest your precious budget instead.

With more and more visitors making short breaks to London, it does not make much sense to spend huge amounts on the hotel. Because you can discover London all day, there is often no time left to enjoy the luxury of a 5-star hotel you may have paid for.

At the same time, staying in a simple & # 39; hotel is an excellent way to get you moving in the morning and spend plenty of days enjoying London – instead of staying in your king-size bed and personal Jacuzzi, which could be enjoyed all over the world.

There are 28 Travelodge hotels in London and more than 4,000 rooms with many new ones currently under development. The locations vary considerably, but all hotels are well connected to the London transport network (metro, buses, etc.).

In fact, there are even more Travelodges in places like Marylebone and Tower Bridge – these are certainly not cheap locations and many other central London hotels will be happy to charge you a small fortune for the area only.

But instead, staying in a Travelodge could save you a lot of money without having to compromise on location. You get a particularly good deal if you book during a periodical & # 39; sales & # 39; from Travelodge when it spends a large number of rooms at stupid prices (sometimes under £ 20 / night and often less than £ 50 which is still an excellent price).

Some people may say that the Travelodge hotels & # 39; are characterless & # 39; to be; but London itself is so full of character that you inevitably need to remember more than the hotel where you were staying. You can learn more about budget hotels in London on the London Hotels Insight blog. You will also find head-to-head reviews with other cheap London hotels such as Premier Inn, Luna & Simone Hotel (near Victoria), YOTEL and more.

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