Affordable hotels in New York

New York, New York, or the Big Apple as affectionately refers to the entire world, is one of the most expensive cities in the United States when it comes to renting a hotel room. For the economical traveler who goes to the Five Boroughs, there are some deals and tips for traveling that you can use to find affordable New York hotels and you do not have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

This may not be intuitive, but usually stays of a week or week are cheaper than weekend trips, so when it comes to the mecca of business that is New York, the weekend is the key to savings. Many people have to travel to New York for business, usually during the week, and the hotel sector realizes that they will get what they ask for during the week, because the business traveler has no choice but to pay what they have to do. In the weekends this is a very different laundry ball. There are fewer people who go to New York on weekends, so the rates are lower. Finding an affordable hotel for the weekend is tenfold more likely than finding one for during the week. So while most popular travel destinations are more expensive on weekends, the opposite is true for New York – but the demand for weekend rooms is still high when travelers make their way to the city for weekend breaks. A good rule of thumb is to reserve your hotel room in New York well in advance to make a good deal – since hotels in New York almost always take up much of the time. This is especially the case when it comes to holiday weekends, with the last half of November and it is extremely busy almost all of December.

New York City consists of five districts, with Manhattan being the most expensive municipality in the city. It is also the most famous and the most exciting. New York City has an excellent public transport system that connects all parts of the city. Staying in one of the other boroughs will significantly reduce the costs for the hotel. There are great hotels in each of the four other districts that are sometimes a third of the cost to stay in Manhattan. View the other districts and options for hotel stays when looking for affordable hotel rates. Each town has its own little niche of what they offer and their own culture, and all branches are just a train ride away from Manhattan.

Holiday packages are an excellent way to save some cash. The bundling of airline tickets and hotel stays can in fact offer a number of large discounts. There are all kinds of holiday packages available that make the hotel really affordable. Some packages offer discount on Broadway show tickets and offer guided tours. The possibilities of looking for a package deal with a hotel in New York are endless.

Some hotels also offer group discounts, and depending on the size of the group booking reservations for a New York hotel, you can make significant savings by joining a group. Even large families can qualify for group discounts. Discounts are also offered for membership of the club. Driving clubs usually have an agreement with hotels to get a discount for their members.

Finding an affordable hotel in New York is not impossible – it only costs a little effort in addition to some inside tips.

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