Rhodes Travel and city guide & useful information to know

Rhodes is the most beautiful of the Greek islands in one of the most lush and fertile countries of all Dodecanese. Rhodes can also be unique because it really has something special that everyone can enjoy. It is also the largest and known as the sunshine island and is rare to disappoint where the weather is and during the summer it is hot and dry, although during the winter months temperatures are mild they are not cold and it is the wettest time of the year . For a good balance between the two trips to Rhodes in April, May, September or October because it will not be too hot or too wet.

The cuisine on Rhodes is a variety of ethnic and traditional dishes from Greece, so if you enjoy a great feta salad, olives and freshly baked bread, you will enjoy some of the dishes available. As an island there is plenty to catch in the sea, so dishes like Kalamari (squid), Grouper, Octopus, Mussels and Psarosoupa (fish from the island) are all on the menu. There are also Spanakopita (spinach pies), Moussaka (layered meat and sauce), Yuvarlakia (meatballs in sauce) and many other delicious dishes to try. The traditional drink of the island is Ouzo, a popular alcoholic drink that is very strong, but not really necessary to enjoy the lively atmosphere and enjoyment to eat out in Rhodes.

This brings us in a good way to another Greek tradition of dancing and night life with two particularly lively places on Rhodes as Faliraki and Kavos for those who are looking for a great atmosphere and dance, but there is also enough relaxing nightlife to enjoy the warm summer evening in a secluded bar or restaurant. There are many more traditional Greek entertainment evenings with an opportunity to really experience Greek culture with music, food and dancing and probably a lot of Raki.

There are many places to shop from local shops in quiet villages to Lindos or the city of Rhodes where its stalls and shops focus on tourist trade with traditional Greek souvenirs such as pottery, ceramics, Raki, local honey, local wine and some leather goods. There are also many jewelery stores because the quality of the silver is very good.

A major attraction of the island of Rhodes is that it is home to the ruins of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes. A gigantic bronze statue once stood in the harbor of Lindos and was built in 280 BC but destroyed by an earthquake later that century. There is no trace of the statue ever found since the devastation in 224BC. There is Apollo's temple and an Acropolis to visit on the island of Rhodes, so you can see the ruins of an ancient culture. Although it can be difficult to travel around the island because there is only a very limited public transport available, many families in Rhodesia have more than one car and even motorcycles for the summer months when it attracts tourist traffic and the roads become busy.

Rhodes Airport: We offer low-cost shuttles and private transfers to many popular resorts in Rhodes, including Rhodes City, Faliraki and Lindos.

General information:

Electricity: 220V, 2-pin plugs

Main language (s): Greek.

International call numbers: UK to Greece use 00 30, Greece to use UK 00 40

Airport Transfer Service in London – Ensure a comfortable journey

London – a city with a royal charm. The capital of the United Kingdom is the largest financial center in the world and therefore hosts more than 100 of the 500 largest companies in Europe. headquarters. London is a place where tourists come together with prominent business people, making this metropolis the most visited city in the world. All airports in Great Britain use London & # 39; in their name. However, five of these eight airports are witnessing the high traffic. These five international airports make the city's airspace the world's busiest city center. Heathrow Airport in South London is the busiest airport in the world for visits by international tourists. The rest four, ie London Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Luton Airport and London City Airport are also witnessing a measurable traffic. The airport transfer service in London is very commendable in terms of the facilities and the comfort that it guarantees every passenger.

Many transport vehicles are available outside London Airport, allowing passengers to choose according to their choice. Minicabs, taxis, shuttle cars, minibuses are to name a few vehicles that may be at your service. There are many car rental companies that guarantee you a hassle-free journey in London. You can surf the internet to find a car rental company and book your vehicle in advance. The airport transfer service in London offers you the real value for money. Waiting and returning or business travel, an economic ride on minicabs or a beautiful luxury ride in a limousine with driver, you can be sure that you will have a carefree journey through here.

The Airport Transfer service in London is aimed at making the journey of a tourist who is most comfortable to the very best. There are special facilities for the physically disabled. The car rental companies that are at the airport terminal will ensure that you never have to make a choice. These private transport companies have different rates and you can therefore book your transport according to your budget. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. You can therefore make use of transport facilities, even if you arrive in the city late at night.

The Airport Transfer service at all London airports tries to serve tourists and visitors in the best possible facilities. The car rental companies come with experienced and professional drivers to ensure that your trip is comfortable and safe. When bookings are made in advance, some of these companies offer & # 39; Meet and Greet & # 39; service. This service sees the driver of the rental company waiting for you in the arrivals & # 39; lounge and guide you to the vehicle you have booked.

Gatwick Airport is the busiest airport in London after Heathrow airport. Just like at Heathrow airport, the facilities you will find here guarantee you the very best simply and comfortably. Along with cars, taxis and minibuses and minibuses, private transport services are available in abundance. The transport companies that are active here also offer large vehicles to accommodate large groups. Airport transfers Gatwick operates 24 x7 for the convenience of the people. The rates are relatively lower than those of other airports in London.

Airport transfers Gatwick is full of sufficient amenities that guarantee ultramodern facilities to tourists. The shuttle services available here are competent in providing emergency services to passengers. The transfers from Gatwick Airport connect the airport with the rest of the city to meet the needs of the passengers.

Airport Transfer service in London, because of the advanced communication options, recommends an excellent rating. And certainly, airport transfers Gatwick is one of the assets that uphold the prestige and prestige of the city of London as a whole.

Factors to consider when searching for secure airports

Before they go on holiday or go on a business trip, many people choose to take their car to the airport. If you are away for a few days or even months, finding a safe parking space for your car offers you an invaluable peace of mind. Most airports offer different parking options and choosing the right one is essential.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best and most convenient parking option.

Professional parking

When you park your vehicle, you will have the option to park on the street and to park in a secured parking lot. Do not gamble with street parking. You run the risk of having your car steal. Always go for well-managed parking services. Check the security measures provided to ensure that they meet your requirements. View various aspects such as investigation, frequency of patrolling, presence of fines, etc.


Make sure the parking lot is well lit and offers safe paths for pedestrians. A dark area increases the risk of theft and damage, among other things. If the parking lot is well lit and well planned, this usually means that they have also given security a lot of importance. Nowadays, most parking facilities include the requirement to provide safe, passenger-friendly facilities.

Distance from terminal

Some parking lots are located far from the terminal and require that you either travel a long way with your luggage or make a long journey in a shuttle bus. Even a parking facility near the terminal may require you to take a bus. Before choosing a parking facility, remember to look at the terminal for a long time. Also consider the price. Typically, the closer a parking space is, the higher they will load. Do not forget to check whether the shuttle can be easily used by people with walking difficulties or on wheelchairs.


Before you go to the airport, do not forget to reserve a lock for your car. This guarantees parking for you while you save money. Moreover, you do not have to wait in long lines, which also saves time. With most parking services you can reserve a place via their website or by telephone. Do not forget to keep track of booking details that you might need, such as a code number or a verification SMS message.

Parking at a hotel

Most airports have hotels nearby, some of which provide secure parking for guests. Some hotels offer great deals for guests staying there, such as a complimentary breakfast. If your flight is early in the morning, you can choose to stay in a hotel, so you will have a relaxing journey. Because these hotels are generally well managed, your car is also safe with them. This option is all the more convenient if the hotel offers free transportation to and from your terminal.

By keeping these points in mind, you can have an enjoyable journey without any stress on the safety of your car.

A cheap wedding plans

A wedding of a destination not only focuses on the location and all trips, but it also requires a lot of wedding expenses. Please note that there are several parts of a wedding destination that certainly require a large amount of dollars, and in most cases you and your guests have travel expenses. Apart from the travel costs, you will of course have the standard wedding costs. There are also the costs associated with hotels and accommodations. However, if you want to fulfill your dream destination without breaking the bank, there are some tips and ideas that you may want to consider.

Who says you can not save on travel expenses? One way to save money when it comes to the travel aspect is to ask your guests flying from the same location to make their travel plans a group. You can save up to 10% on air tickets when you apply for the airline's group fare when booking the flight. The date of the wedding is also a big factor. Consider choosing a wedding date, especially if it is a wedding that falls out of season. Avoid high season dates for most airlines that increase their prices at that time. While on the other hand, off-season is data where airlines lower their rates.

If you choose to have a resort location, consider a number of resorts that offer free gifts, such as a free wedding ceremony for those staying on them. You can ask for this specific benefit when you make your first calls to different resorts. If you use a travel agency, you may receive brochures for resort destinations. Check them for this feature and other similar savings.

Even if you are considering checking various websites and even hotels, some of them offer wedding benefits for their guests, such as offering wedding planners at a lower cost or even for free. View a number of hotels at your chosen wedding location to see if wedding services are offered and if that is the case, there are often great discounts and even free wedding plans. Some websites are also some wedding services that can help you reduce your wedding expenses. Make sure you know how many guests are included in package deals offered by a wedding planner.

You can also save money on guests' accommodations. There are some great options to accommodate your guests, which is also a great idea to save money. You have alternatives such as villas or apartments in the area that they can rent. Most popular destination locations are used for this request. They can also have special prices for wedding parties.

You can also save money on the other details of your wedding destination. Of course, you do not want to spend a fortune for gifts. As much as you want to end your final destination by thanking your guests, but that does not mean that you have to prepare a large amount of dollars. You can limit the purchase of your wedding costs simply by giving cheap wedding favors, or sometimes giving cheap bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts. Having cheap wedding ideas does not mean that you will have a low-quality wedding. Actually, these are some ideas about how you can really make your dream wedding without sacrificing a fortune.

Some of the best hotels in Bohol

Bohol is one of the top destinations in the Philippines. If you are planning to go on vacation and have trouble finding a place to meet your needs, check out this list of the best resorts and hotels on the island.

Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground

Enjoy the pristine white beach, and peaceful surroundings for an exclusive getaway on the tropical island. Go swimming, diving, tennis or sunbathing on your private balcony overlooking the Mindanao Sea.

Bohol Beach Club

This marine animal reserve offers world-class amenities for beach lovers and diving enthusiasts. It is the only resort in the first class of the island of Panglao.

Amarela Resort

This Mediterranean villa is situated at the top of a slope and offers a stunning view of the Bohol Sea. This first-class boutique resort features a collection of artworks and antique furniture that is clearly Bohol.

Lost Horizon Resort

With crystal clear water, pristine white beaches and beautiful gardens, a stay at the resort is compared to a journey into the past. Olmen View Resort

Olman View Resort

Unique location overlooking the cliff of the Tagbilaran harbor, a short distance from the city, the beach, the Loboc river and the sea . historic Baclayon church. The perfect place to stay for the main attractions of Bohol.

Grande Sunset Resort

At the northwestern tip of the island of Panglao lies a tropical retreat bordered by a mangrove forest and tall palm trees. This quiet paradise can be even more comfortable than your own home.

Bohol Diver & # 39; s Resort

This fun resort with its hospitable staff and crew will never get bored with fun activities. Enjoy their diving services, massage shops and game facilities.

Amorita Beach Resort

Wake up to the wonders of nature around you at this breathtaking resort, perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Bohol & # 39; s & # 39; Little Beloved & # 39; is the dream vacation from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Metro Center Hotel

Located in the heart of the commercial district in the city of Tagbilaran, this retreat will pamper you with their friendly services and first

Bohol Tropics Resort

A place for true Boholano hospitality and charm with complete recreational facilities and amenities that only the best resorts can offer. Enjoy live entertainment every evening while dining off native Filipino dishes.

Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa

Experience the beauty of Bohol in its most luxurious way with lush tropical landscapes, clear waters and white sand beaches. Escape the chaos of urban life in this tropical sanctuary.

Alona Kew White Beach Resort

Welcome to paradise! Treat yourself and your loved ones in your own private oasis where nothing is saved to bring you the best of everything.

Alona Palm Beach Resort and Restaurant

Dine from the best resort and restaurant in Bohol, which prides itself on their sumptuous variety of local and international cuisine accompanied by the best wine from their well-appointed wine list.

Soledad Suits

The first and only chic boutique hotel in Tagbilaran City located on Lou Square in the middle of the commercial district. It is just a drive away from the airport, the seaport and the beach.

These resorts and hotels are strongly recommended by other tourists and ravelers. They were found on the internet and offer online booking for your convenience. Good luck on your travels and you find the perfect place to stay where you really wish you could stay.

Pet-friendly hotels

If your traveling companion happens to have fur or runs on four legs instead of feet, you will probably need to find a few pet-friendly hotels for your travels. Most hotels do not allow you to take your four-legged friend for a one-night stay, so it is important that you click through to each hotel that you intend to stay to ensure that except pets and people.

You can find pet-friendly hotels in almost every area and in almost every price range. Pet-friendly hotels are usually just like your normal hotels. You can visit a bed and breakfast or a spa; all with your cat or dog right next to you. Because pet-friendly hotels are a rarity, the will often books a bit faster than other comparable hotels. Therefore, it is important to call ahead and book your room early if you know you are traveling with your pet and need accommodation. Especially if you are traveling to a cat or dog show in a certain area, the rooms are booked extremely quickly in a pet-friendly hotel, so you will want to know if you can keep yours safe before they are all gone.

In many pet-friendly hotels, the hotel will set aside certain rooms of the hotel for use by pet owners. By setting aside a room especially for pet owners, other hotel guests can spend their stay in a hotel without any pet dander, as well as the hassle of encountering or hearing someone else's. pets. For dogs, many pet-friendly hotels will sometimes have a special place where you can take your dog outside to bond, sometimes the better pet-friendly hotels will also have a dog park or recreation area where your dog can have the dog. opportunity to get some exercise and socialize with the other dogs that also stay in the hotel.

Hotels that are not only suitable for pets, but also for pets with pets, such as recreation rooms and pet-friendly eateries, are usually some of the best to bring your pet. In these situations, your pet is often invited to do whatever you are at the hotel, and sometimes the hotel also offers additional activities for pets, such as a dog day camp that allows you to get out of town and have fun while you dog leave behind with pleasure.

In most cases, be prepared to pay a little extra for your pet to stay with you at the hotel. Although pet-friendly hotels allow pets, most require a kind of supplement for the privilege that your pet stays with you in the same room. The supplement is usually not as expensive as having another person, but it can be a bit expensive, depending on the hotel you choose.

Before you go to a pet-friendly hotel, you must do your research. Talk to friends who also travel with their pets who have gone to the area and visit a hotel that they enjoyed most. Your friends are often your best source in finding the very best places to visit. If you know you are traveling to a particular location and want to stay in a particular hotel, book your room as early as possible. In most cases, the sooner you book your room, the less expensive it will be, and the better your chances of getting the room and location you want. Booking your hotel room late or at the last minute may mean that all pet-friendly hotels are fully booked and you have to leave your pet at home.

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IPTV and its application in hotels

More hotels have improved their services and facilities by adopting modern technologies and sophisticated devices and appliances that their guests can use. Some of the most notable upgrades are upgrading large TV sets to slim plasma, LED or LCD screens. These new televisions are mostly dependent on cable TV and satellite subscriptions that offer a wider selection of channels and shows for guests. But the most technically sophisticated hotels are now a step ahead – they have started using IPTV solutions to offer their customers even better viewing experiences. IPTV stands for & # 39; internet protocol television & # 39; and delivers TV programs through streaming, with an internet connection.

All TV manufacturers (including Samsung and LG) sell high-end LED and LCD TVs that support IPTV, making this technology more accessible to the hospitality industry. With IPTV your hotel offers advanced media services via video-on-demand and complete IP entertainment solutions. Better media and entertainment services can also help improve your brand's image, as it allows you to create a more personal and engaging media experience in your room.

IPTV may be the solution for smaller hotels and resorts that would like to offer better media experiences to their guests. Using high-end middleware and a good IPTV system, hotels can provide brand-related services such as time-shifted television, video-on-demand and a feature that allows users to watch any show they want, at any time and as often as they want . With IPTV, you can provide more cost-effective shows and content while ensuring features and interactivity that are usually not available to smaller businesses.

IPTV offers many other advantages to hotels. Improved image quality with minimal distortion and noise is a remarkable advantage. Hotels can also switch and sell different products and services via IPTV, or use the technology to easily communicate with the main server for information about room service, billing and services such as car rental and laundry. With some systems you can also create personalized services, such as a welcome message with the name of the guest. You may even be able to submit special offers and other promotions, as well as local information, news and weather via the TV's in your own room. The user portal is usually easy to edit and rebrand based on your marketing goals. Besides offering your guests a wide range of TV and radio channels, you can also offer them the possibility to request room service, set up wake-up calls and even check out and via their TV's.

Hotels near Glasgow Airport

Once you have arrived at the airport and have collected all your luggage, you can decide to book your car hire at Glasgow Airport. You may already have arranged your car rental before you travel to the United Kingdom. There are a number of car rental counters in the terminal building.

You can then enter the city center of Glasgow via the M8 motorway. If you have organized your hotel accommodation. It is worth asking the hotel if they have a parking space for your rental car in their parking lot. Because not all hotels have one.

There are a number of hotels in the city center. Holiday Inn Express is part of a number of budget hotels in Glasgow. The hotel is close to the theaters, pubs and shopping centers in the city. There is no parking at the hotel, but you are welcome to park at the nearest parking lot across the road from the hotel. Inside you can order a drink at the bar, have breakfast in buffet style. One of the well-known Italian restaurants in the town of Di Maggio plays host to the guests of the hotel. They can order, pizza, pasta to sit in or for room service.

The Radisson Blu Hotel is located in the city of Glasgow. This hotel offers a leisure center, restaurant and internet for business travelers. Also offers a wedding service for anyone wishing to have their wedding in Glasgow.

Glasgow Thistle Hotel in Cambridge Street is a favorite among tourists to the city. The hotel offers parking at a surcharge for hotel guests who want to park their car hire at Glasgow Airport. The hotel offers a leisure center at the hotel, where you can relax and unwind. There are bars and restaurants where you can buy bar meals or enjoy a hot meal in the Annlann restaurant.

Tips for cheap hotel reservations

Cheap hotel reservations and bookings are now as simple as 123, where you can make arrangements even from the comfort of your home. Simply surf the internet and search for different websites that offer hotel offers and reservations. It saves you time and effort with these friendly booking sites that guarantee low hotel prices to meet your needs. They have great selections of hotel deals worldwide and are familiar with booking cheap hotels. Compare their hotel bookings online at affordable prices as they offer a variety of hotel deals for 3-star accommodation and fantastic rates for luxury hotels in prime business locations and cozy retreat homes and beach resorts.

It is very necessary that travelers book early to make use of cheap hotel reservations. This way, while you arrive at your destination, you would not have the inconvenience of wasting time searching for a place to stay. If you book early, you can choose the type of room you want and the amenities that make your stay enjoyable. stay complete. The majority of room rates include breakfast and the use of bars, swimming pools, gyms, etc. You can also request a non-smoking room, a high floor, view of the mountains, the center, or by the pool and / or tennis. court. If you have children, find out if you can request an extra bed in the room. The early booking of cheap hotels can give you discount hotel reservations and use their special offers.

To help you book hotels, here are some instructions:

• Select the desired hotel in the place or near your destination.
• Get acquainted with the information about the conditions of your stay, payment and even cancellation of your reservation.
• Choose the room size that is most suitable for you and the price.
• Majority of the hotels offers free reservations and even cancellation of bookings is free.
• Check them all on the internet and forms can be filled immediately.
• Make sure these hotel booking companies give you exactly the rates you are going to pay. Several people offer you a very low hotel price, but they tell you nothing about the local taxes and various surcharges. You ultimately pay more than what you have already planned. Make a sensible move not only by comparing hotel rates, but also the costs associated with the use of their reservation service. Among other things, you can find the best deals at Expedia, Hotels, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity and Hotel Deal Site.

Luxury hotels and your holidays

When you take your family to a vacation, you take them to a higher level by booking at a luxury hotel with the best accommodations. Whatever you say about the Grand Hotel Barriere Enghiens Les Bains in Paris or a hotel in the center of Chicago, there is nothing better than the best accommodations to make a holiday just perfect in everyone's memory.

Most people are immediately eliminated by the word luxury because it often comes with a fortune for a price tag. But if you are resourceful enough, you will be amazed at how affordable these luxury hotels can be. Some even offer prepayments for future reservations and other benefits to make your stay extra perfect.

If you travel with the family, there are luxury hotels that can make everyone happy, from businessman-dad to tumbling toddler. Look for a hotel with one of those magical playrooms for the kids, a swimming pool for a chat or a casino. Some hotels even offer childcare, so that mom and dad can sneak into a romantic evening with a lake or a party in a club without having to worry about their children & # 39; safety.

If you are traveling with your partner and hiring someone to ignite some sparks, you can stay in a luxury hotel where packages can contain everything from extended romantic dinners to sweat houses. In a luxury hotel, guests are always pampered and just have to spend a great time together, whether they share an intercontinental breakfast or smile together while they are watching internally with comical production.

Of course, when you talk about luxury hotels, you can not fail the best of everything that is essential, from comfortable bedding to exceptional food. Plus these hotels & # 39; interiors are usually such works of art that reflect the many artistic periods, from Roman Victorian to modern art deco. Needless to say that the facilities are excellent and it will be as if the holiday had been the hotel accommodation itself.

If you also want to enjoy every minute you have during your vacation, you need a great place at the end of the day to restore your energy so you can start another day & # 39; to feel the itinerary fresh and ready. Although it might be fun to explore a new city and explore it from start to finish, it can be very tiring. Here you should certainly take advantage of the time you have for rest that probably can not be better in a luxury hotel.