China Luxury Hotels – Find the right one!

In China there are plenty of choices of places to visit, so the first thing you need to do to find the hotel for a perfect, luxurious vacation is to decide whether you are within an urban city area, a small town, or on the edge of China. But one thing is for sure, wherever you choose to stay, there are fantastic attractions spread across the country, and in combination with a great hotel, will be a great vacation.

The big cities in China are China's capital Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, all of which have great first-class hotels. Beijing is known to house the Great Wall of China, and it has a natural cultural character. Although Beijing is the political, educational and cultural center of China, there are many important historical sites here.

Shanghai is the largest, most developed city in China and is the economic, commercial and fashion center of the country. Guangzhou is a large industrial city and offers some very nice views on the outskirts of the city, as well as some traditional lamps in the middle of all high-rise buildings. Luxury hotels include Grand Hyatt Beijing, The Garden Hotel (Guangzhou), Four Seasons Shanghai and many more.

Other urban cities in China include Kunming, Nanjing and Xian, which have metropolitan areas surrounded by a fascinating landscape. These cities have a number of very luxurious hotels and are known for their many attractions. Kunming is famous for its natural environment, parks and gardens, historic temples, museums, markets and the like.

Nanjing is considered a historical and cultural city, with breathtaking scenery and a modern city center. Xian also has great sights and historic architecture, as well as great tourist attractions here. Luxury hotels in these areas include Grand Park Hotel Kunming, Sofitel Galaxy Nanjing, Shangri-La Hotel Xian and many others.

Areas in China better known for its breathtaking views, including Guilin, Hangzhou and Suzhou, which welcome you with their many historical sites, culture and natural beauty. There are some luxury hotels around these areas, but not as many choices as the main urban city centers.

Guilin is a very famous tourist destination for its spectacular environments, including parks, hills and caves, rivers and others. Hangzhou is also popular as a tourist city, with its beautiful landscapes and historical and cultural heritage. Suzhou is also famous for its beautiful gardens and traditional architecture along the river. Luxury hotels are Sheraton Guilin Hotel, Sofitel Hangzhou, Sofitel Suzhou and many others.

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