Puri Hotels on New Marine Drive

Puri is a devout religious destination on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in the Indian state of Orissa. It is credited with the famous temple of Jagannath. Because of its religious significance and beautiful coast, it is always busy with tourists from all over the world. Read more about hotels on New Marine Drive in Puri.

According to Hindu mythology Puri is the resting place of Lord Vishnu. It is flooded with historical temples and sacred rituals that tend to attract millions of worshipers and tourists of both Indian and foreign origin. It is also a huge storehouse for art and architecture in India. The Jagannath temple reflects a wonder of architecture and craftsmanship. The historical and cultural buildings of Puri contain antiques in silver that date back to the Middle Ages. Puri is especially famous for his handicrafts, beads and beautiful sand art. Puri has many attractions for tourists in the area. Konark Sun Temple is less than an hour's drive from Puri. One can even visit the famous Chilka Lake and the nature reserve in Chilka for an exciting day trip from Puri. Apart from this, Puri is best known for its lively beach. Many activities take place here, from the famous beach festival to other recreational charms. There are arrangements for horseback riding, camel riding and other similar assignments on the beach. Here you can also enjoy the local cuisine with delicacies and snacks based on lips.

Puri has a well-formulated and fully operational train station that connects it with large cities of India by various express trains. The nearest airport is in Bhubaneswar, about 60 km from Puri. A good road network also connects Puri with the capital and other parts of India. You can take the train directly to Puri or reach Bhubaneswar by train or flight. Then take a private taxi from Bhubaneswar to Puri, which reaches the desired destination in only one and a half hours.

Puri Hotels on New Marine Drive

The newly formed road on Puri shipping is a blessing for holidaymakers. It is certainly a lifelong experience because there are many hotels of all categories along this way. The sea-beach is just across the road and the area is just excellent. It certainly ensures a perfect stay during a holiday in Puri.

Hotel Maa Kamakhya is one of the budget hotels in Puri on New Marine Drive. It is a few steps from the Golden Beach and 2 km from the Temple of Jagannath. The train station is 2 km away and the bus station is 2.5 km from the hotel. The hotel offers elegantly furnished rooms, friendly service, homely atmosphere and the best comfort and quality at affordable prices. Room rates per night are only Rs 612.

Hotel Sonar Bangla is one of the 3-star hotels in Puri on New Marine Drive. The hotel is at a distance of 4 km from the train station and 3 km from the Jagannath Temple. All rooms are beautifully designed with sea views and with a balcony. The hotel offers tourists full beach privacy and a large number of beach facilities. Room rates per night are Rs 1500 including a complimentary breakfast.

Staying in hotels in Puri on New Marine Drive is ideal for surfing and cooling off during a vacation that is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating your senses.

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