Choose a hotel – what to look out for

Anyone who has stayed in more than one hotel during his life knows that all hotels are not made the same. They vary in price, location, facilities and service. It is important to check each of these factors while looking for the place you want to call home during your trip. Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your hotel search:

Positive reviews-

Let other travelers & # 39; experiences guide you in your search. They have stayed on the places you are considering and are willing to share their input. Why not read what they have to say about it? You can get a lot of honest feedback without leaving the comfort of your home. Even if you are not yet planning to travel to Reno, this site will show you how ratings are being conducted.

Affordable price –

You may have dreams of a luxury suite, but your budget may not match that desire. Start searching by indicating which hotels you can afford. You can save money on a hotel that usually falls outside your budget, if you travel on weekdays and / or use special discounts. Discounts can be found in various ways, including online booking sites and travel clubs. If you have a limited budget, you can book a hotel in a location just outside the major urban areas. This can result in a better hotel for a good price.

Key locations-

If you are on a business trip, book a hotel near where you are doing business. It will reduce transport costs and travel time. This gives you more costs and time to prepare for your meeting or conference. If you are traveling for pleasure, purchasing at popular attractions is desirable. You will spend less time on travel and more time enjoying yourself!

The right amenities-

If the potential hotels on your list have websites, view them for photos and their list of amenities. What each hotel offers can vary per room type. Arrange mentally the facilities you want in case you have to compromise. If it is important for you to have a refrigerator in your room, look for hotels that offer that for the room you need. If you want a hotel with laundry facilities and a swimming pool, place hotels where they are higher on your list. View photo's of each hotel to see if it has the right decor and ambiance to suit your taste. Please note that every hotel wants to show their best image while presenting their website.

Quality service-

Regardless of budget, each traveler expects a high level of quality service while traveling. Depending on the hotel, available services include valet parking, a concierge, free wake up service and room service. For unbiased opinions about the service of a hotel, visit sites such as If you look at hotel review sites, you can see how good the service of a hotel really is.

Where to find the best hotel accommodation online

Are you going on a trip? There are so many things to consider when booking hotel accommodation. There is the actual location of the hotel, the accessibility of public transport, the proximity of the sites you want to visit, the reviews of the hotel also play a big role, and of course there are the costs.

Fortunately, everything nowadays is accessible via internet. We have compiled a list of online travel agencies that offer accommodations in different price categories. So whether you are a backpacker or a leisure traveler, we have you covered!

1. has been ranked first since 2014 by the best online travel agencies in the world (according to Skift). They offer different types of accommodations from high-end hotels, hostels, apartments and rooms. Customer reviews are displayed on the site and you can search for hotel accommodations depending on your budget, with most deals offering a free cancellation.


Expedia was launched in 1996 and recently purchased Orbitz, another online travel agency. Booking hotels is only a part of Expedia's business, as they also book airline tickets, cruises and even rental cars. You can & # 39; Reward Points & # 39; earn by getting the Expedia + card. They also regularly have secret deals and discount coupons for people looking for a deal.


The only online travel agency in Asia (Singapore) that was part of the best online agencies in the world. has steadily expanded their customer base by offering a "Best Price Guarantee" in their rooms, as well as specialized "flash sales". Hotel accommodation in Agoda ranges from luxury hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfasts to resorts.


Although is primarily a review site, they also offer the possibility to book a hotel. The Top 2 site is currently on the list of the best online travel agencies in the world, according to Skift as well. What's also nice is that you can also see price comparisons with a different site that offers the same hotel when you view different accommodation deals. Usually the prices on are discounted, so you get the better deal. The user-generated reviews are also very useful.


You can book hotel stays in for over 325,000 hotels worldwide. Bed and Breakfasts, guest houses and even some apartments are also included in the inventory. They have a lot to offer for guests who stay long and become the " Rewards & # 39; called. Guests staying a minimum of 10 nights receive a discount on their next booking.


For those looking for the special charm of bed and breakfast accommodations, is a specialty site that has existed for more than 20 years. The site offers Hot Deals and has a special area for Diamond Collection Inns, which have luxury bed and breakfast accommodation.


Touting & # 39; great deals on hostels everywhere & # 39 ;, the site has 33,000 hostels in its inventory. And if you sign up for their SmartSavers membership, you will receive virtually no reservation fees. Ideal for people on a limited budget, there are so many choices on this site.

New York Hotel Deals – Tips for planning your next New York trip and booking a hotel

Are you planning to travel to NY? Going to the Big Apple or spending time traveling through the state? Whatever your travel plans, it is important to use search tools on the internet to find hotel deals in New York. Unfortunately, one thing that NY is not known for is cheap hotels. This does not mean that you can not find a good deal, or at least find a cheap one out of town.

If you already have a specific area in mind, view all the hotels and B & B's at that location. The more flexible you are with the dates, the greater the chance that you will receive low interest rates. If you absolutely have to travel on a specific date, consider other factors instead of just the price. For example, how close would you like to stay at the airport or Grand Central and Penn stations? Does the idea of ​​taking a metro or bus make you uncomfortable, but do not have the budget to spend a lot of money on taxi fares? If this is the case, it is probably in your best interest that your hotel search is limited to a location that is relatively easy and quick to reach, and not just from the airport or station, but from any landmark you want to visit.

While Midtown is the ideal destination for most tourists who want to be close to all the best entertainment and shopping in NYC, the hotels are not the cheapest. Big names such as Crowne Plaza Time Square, Hilton, the Sofitel and Marriott Marquis are nearby. Each of these are worth a stay if you want to be in the middle of all the action. If you want the lowest possible rate, wait until January (after New Year) and February (except Valentine's Day) to visit. These are usually the cheapest months to visit Manhattan.

Use transport options for better hotel deals in New York

If you are sure that you will not get lost and do not mind taking the sub, you can want to look in areas other than Manhattan for hotel deals in New York. What about a two or three star hotel in Staten Island? Bronx? Queens? Brooklyn? September is usually a cheap month to stay on Staten Island. Do not be afraid to try out hostels or lesser-known B & B's. Since you will spend so much time outside the city, you only need a warm, clean bed and a bathroom in a safe neighborhood.

Concerning other parts of the state, Albany and Rochester offer really good hotel deals in New York – especially the latter. Depending on where you book your room, you can find Niagara Falls hotels for less than $ 110.

Finding online Las Vegas cheap flights

Las Vegas is the most popular city in Nevada and perhaps the most attractive city in the United States of America. It is a vibrant and dazzling place that attracts millions and millions of visitors every year and is the perfect place for a weekend break or a longer holiday. The internet can offer you cheap flights throughout the year, so you are free to book a weekend or a holiday for a very affordable price.

It is located in the middle of the Mojave desert and it is an entertainment and gambling oasis for visitors. It is internationally renamed a living entertainment and shopping center and it is also famous for the casino's, the fine eateries and the simply acquired ceremonies for the wedding. These are some of the reasons why people from all over the world come together to spend some time in the so-called "Sin City". More than 35 million visitors fly to Sin City every year to relax in the many hotel resorts and casino resorts. Going to Vegas means more often than not expensive airline tickets. If you want to take a tour of the city and book cheap flights, you will find a short guide on how to do this.

The first thing you have to do is take some time to do the necessary research to find cheap online flights. With a little effort you can book flights at the best possible prices. You must bear in mind that the months of November to January are the quietest months to visit this city and usually you will find half price tags for this period of the year.

The moment you book a trip to Las Vegas, it is a good idea to also book your hotel rooms. Many of the websites offering cheap flights offer hotel room offers and various types of activities you can do in Vegas. You have to look for the hotels that offer one free night when you book three or more nights and make sure you check that the trip you plan is coinciding with important events or conventions, because it is practically impossible to book something for those dates .

In order to obtain the best booking prices for rooms and cheap flights, you should try to plan the trip well in advance as much as possible. Most of the websites offering cheap flights have an occupancy rate of 90 percent two weeks before the actual flight. If you are not flexible about the dates you want to visit, you will compete with more than 35 million people who go to Las Vegas every year.

Use the flight tickets to fluctuate in a period of 24 hours and take this into account when you book. When you see an offer for the cheap flights from Las Vegas, you should benefit from this, because tomorrow it could disappear.

You can use different websites to compare the prices of the flights and make simulations to see which is the most suitable for you. You must correlate the date of the flight with the date of the hotel booking. You must keep this in mind when you are looking for cheap flights.

Cheap flights for your vacation

Houston is a lively and fun city to come through every holiday or vacation. The city has amazing green landscapes and parks and the architecture is simply breathtaking. Art lovers and nature lovers will find the city pretty impressive, making them for the longest time with good memories.

Everyone wants the best rates when traveling to a destination and Houston is no exception. If you have to go to this city without having to stretch out your finances, you can choose to get help from the various travel advisers. Most consultants are very experienced and would like to offer you good offers and rates for your holiday. You can also search the internet to see the price ranges offered by the airlines flying to the region to get the best out of the many different airlines that serve the region. Leading airlines tend to offer very good ticket prices and usually have discounts and other good offers.

The spring and autumn months attract a larger majority of people compared to summer months. This is due to the months of October and November with favorable weather conditions compared to the humid summer conditions. Most people therefore prefer the warm conditions for the more humid ones. If you are looking for cheap flights, you can choose to travel during off-peak hours when everyone is outside the region due to the weather.

During the peak months, however, you can still enjoy your holiday and not overpay for your ticket by conducting the right research and getting all your facts right. It is always advisable to make a reservation in advance to get the best offer or to register with travel agencies that warn you every time something interesting arrives.

Houston not only has a lot to offer to visitors and tourists who travel to marvel at their glory, but also to business people and locals who know how important the city is to the entire United States. Never let high rates change, because you can still enjoy the best of the city without spending too much money.

Choice Hotels in the Top Tropical destinations

A vacation is something you dream about all year round. To avoid disappointments when you arrive at your hotel choice, you should do some research before you make your hotel booking or even choose your destination. Depending on your travel companions, your budget and your needs, you can choose from a variety of different holidays around the world that meet your need for fun in the sun.

If you are staying in a tropical destination, you have many choices in the choice of hotels. If you stay in the Caribbean, you can save a little money by selecting an all-inclusive deal. Mexico is a favorite for many North Americans who want to escape severe winters and enjoy a bit of sun. This beautiful tropical paradise is a less expensive option and offers many activities for couples and families. If you book online, make sure that your resort can meet the needs of your entire family, because choice hotels can offer a wide range of services. When booking your hotel, make sure that your resort offers shuttle services because there are many great tourist destinations in Mexico and none of them are within walking distance.

Costa Rica also has beautiful beaches and a growing ecotourism sector. The hotel you choose can be near a beach restaurant that prepares fresh fish for you. Talk to your hotel booking agent to make sure they offer a number of beach activities, such as surfing or snorkeling, so you can enjoy the amazing blue waters that Costa Rica has to offer. Your online booking site should also have this information.

North America has some of its own tropical travel destinations. You can find a reasonably priced airline ticket to Florida, Arizona or Hawaii. You can do your hotel booking as part of a packed deal or separately. The southern states remain mild, even in the winter months and can be reasonably priced compared to Caribbean destinations.

The Dominican Republic is another affordable hotspot with beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Your hotel booking site will show you the different reviews and customer reviews. Make sure you choose a hotel with high quality food and a clean beach.

Travelers overseas often find comfort and sun in beautiful destinations such as Australia or Thailand. Enrich yourself in culture and unique experiences with a trip to Bali or Tahiti. Even if these destinations seem financially unfeasible, you can save money by booking your trip at the last minute. You can find a few Choice hotels within a few days of your departure. With online booking you can view the best last-minute offers in every price range.

Many online booking sites offer excellent photos and information about many of the best hotels. Do your research. When you make your hotel booking, you must decide which factors are most important to you during your stay: do you want a beachfront accommodation, free Wi-Fi or are you prepared for the night? Your online booking site must contain a number of filters that help you choose the perfect resort or hotel.

Online Discount Hotels Booking from anywhere

Online marketing has really penetrated the way hotel industries advertise their services. Nowadays everyone wanted online to ensure that they could reach as many people as possible. The biggest advantage of an online booking is that hotel companies have unlimited customers from different parts of the world. Of course, the number of people viewing the ads offers more opportunities for more customers. Wherever you are, wherever you want to go, as long as you have internet access, you are the potential customer of these hotels. This trend really affects hotel industries, knowing that everyone is watching them. Not only the customers, but also the competitors check the site of their competitor.

Booking online hotels has done a really great job in improving the services, amenities and special features of the hotels. Because there is a possibility, there is a higher possibility to attract more people in their respective accommodations, it is much better to be ready. The departure point of visitors is not necessary. An online booking does not restrict people by its location. As long as they want to book, these hotels ensure that they have something to offer. This is the advantage of travelers now that they have the opportunity to book online.

Tourists can now book their hotel choice without much hassle. They do not have to spend time just by looking for a place to stay. What they have to do is find where they want to go and then see if there is a hotel that meets their preferences. That is so great because all your time is spent going to a place you want to go. That is not all, because if you go online, there is a higher possibility to book discount hotels. Almost every hotel has its respective promos to attract more visitors to book in their hotel. Part of this promo is giving away discounts to those who will use the indicated time of day.

It is so amazing how technology has entered the hotel industry that meets the needs of the tourist. Online booking has been the most important factor in the change of hotel flow. There is no limit in terms of booking in any of these hotels. Just keep searching and you will certainly get the best hotels at the right price.

Book cheap flight

The airline industry has improved the requirement of cheap or cheap flight bookings and negotiated rates for airline tickets for domestic airlines. This has become possible due to the incessant variable flight costs and the increasing competition. All this has strengthened the offer of cheap airline tickets. Cheap airline tickets are now the order of the day, so it has become very easy to register cheap flight tickets to attend an urgent conference, to go on holiday based on themes, tours, or company tours. opt for an adventurous extrovert.

The progress in Internet expertise and accessibility of a wide range of internet booking websites or web portals available for comparison has made the purchase of cheap airline tickets faster and easier, even more so. The airlines have successfully understood the necessity and priority of their consumers – optimal price-quality ratio.

With the arrival of various organizations in the aviation industry, obtaining suitable and attractive offers from inexpensive air travel has become very problem-free. This also gave a new impetus to the industry that went through many problems and crises. Smart travelers now use the cheap flight booking system in India, which has become an indispensable part of their way of life. These revolutionary rates of the various airlines, in India, can be obtained by the different methods: travel and touragents working in agencies and online portals.

Anything that is just a phone call away or a click removed, clearly increases the demand for those goods and services. That is exactly what exactly happens in the current scenario. These economic rates are so easily made available and without any effort that people like bees swarm around to register the travel tickets for their beloved tourist sites.

The tourists or & pleasure seekers & # 39; can have seductive concession and discounts, along with reasonable flight rates. In addition, they can bid on the minimum rates that are most suitable for their needs and wishes. So now the consumer has replaced the various airlines and he has become the price maker. Gone are the days when tourists had to make innumerable memories of their agents about the card reservation for planning a vacation in itself. Now they do not have to tax their wallets with exorbitant air fares. They can explore a variety of economic flight rates alternatives for travel and leisure without going through the tiring procedure to get flight tickets booked. Air travel has reached its peak after so many years!

The facility of flights from United Arab Emirates, the duty-free shopping paradise, to India connects it with almost all major cities of the country. There are many flights available in Dubai, participating in cities such as Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Srinagar and other major airports in India.

Functions that make your taxi booking App World class

The excessive acceptance of taxi apps that encourage young entrepreneurs to start up and run their app can lead to you also having to move your gears. But on the same line it would not be bad if you do not have a garage full of sedans and mini's to put your next leg forward. We will discuss the same issue here and do not know how to get out of it while you stand tall between your competitors. And which technologies should you use to keep your app world-class without damaging your pocket.

You are not your own taxi fighter – be an aggregator

Yes, you can still enter a taxi-app market, if you do not own car-parking full of sedans and SUVs. There may be two solutions for this.

1. A simple taxi app without a server

Create an app that contains a list of cab services and their prices. Where your customers can order a taxi directly from the app and call the driver. Add a map with location for pick-up and drop-off and estimated fare calculation.

2. A Uber-like Taxi App solution with a fully-fledged Aggregator business model

Create a fully functional taxi-app solution and connect the taxi service providers and organize their services under your own brand.

• Give them the customers and in return accuse them of the commission. OR

• Take a minimum quote from the partners and mention the final price to the consumer.

Functions to dominate your taxi

1. Built-in maps – Provide a smooth and fast navigation experience for your drivers. Google Maps comes as an obvious choice, but in addition to that, you can also have your own maps, such as currently Microsoft Bing Mapping and Startup deCarta.

2. Follow location – Make sure the location tracking function is present in your taxi-app, so that you can follow the current location of your driver. In addition, you can also track your driver's closest location to the passenger, even if they do not use the app.

3. Rate estimation – Your app must be able to calculate the cost per mile using GPS according to the costs you have determined.

4. Payment integration – It is crucial to have a payment processing gateway that works smoothly on your mobile app. Integration of key payment gateways such as Stripe, Braintree, helps you receive payments in a secure, faster and hassle-free way.

5. Updated management functions – Build an administrator dashboard that has been updated with all the latest features where you as an administrator can view the driver report, the customer report and the trip overview. Advanced payment reports help you track revenue, plan your business by putting the strategies in the right focus and catalyzing actions in areas that are weak by delivering additional marketing efforts.

Packing: This is the right time to create a taxi app and expand your customer base. The taxi-app product of Codiant has been designed and conceptualized, taking into account the total technological progress. Why not visit it once? Here is the link – Taxi App Solution

Glad to be able to serve you the incredible service of the industry.