Choose a hotel – what to look out for

Anyone who has stayed in more than one hotel during his life knows that all hotels are not made the same. They vary in price, location, facilities and service. It is important to check each of these factors while looking for the place you want to call home during your trip. Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your hotel search:

Positive reviews-

Let other travelers & # 39; experiences guide you in your search. They have stayed on the places you are considering and are willing to share their input. Why not read what they have to say about it? You can get a lot of honest feedback without leaving the comfort of your home. Even if you are not yet planning to travel to Reno, this site will show you how ratings are being conducted.

Affordable price –

You may have dreams of a luxury suite, but your budget may not match that desire. Start searching by indicating which hotels you can afford. You can save money on a hotel that usually falls outside your budget, if you travel on weekdays and / or use special discounts. Discounts can be found in various ways, including online booking sites and travel clubs. If you have a limited budget, you can book a hotel in a location just outside the major urban areas. This can result in a better hotel for a good price.

Key locations-

If you are on a business trip, book a hotel near where you are doing business. It will reduce transport costs and travel time. This gives you more costs and time to prepare for your meeting or conference. If you are traveling for pleasure, purchasing at popular attractions is desirable. You will spend less time on travel and more time enjoying yourself!

The right amenities-

If the potential hotels on your list have websites, view them for photos and their list of amenities. What each hotel offers can vary per room type. Arrange mentally the facilities you want in case you have to compromise. If it is important for you to have a refrigerator in your room, look for hotels that offer that for the room you need. If you want a hotel with laundry facilities and a swimming pool, place hotels where they are higher on your list. View photo's of each hotel to see if it has the right decor and ambiance to suit your taste. Please note that every hotel wants to show their best image while presenting their website.

Quality service-

Regardless of budget, each traveler expects a high level of quality service while traveling. Depending on the hotel, available services include valet parking, a concierge, free wake up service and room service. For unbiased opinions about the service of a hotel, visit sites such as If you look at hotel review sites, you can see how good the service of a hotel really is.

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